Here at Atelier I’x, we lean into the unfolding. Discovery is a part of the process and we focus on contemplating and uncovering our life’s path, providing the tools to redirect as needed or desired. 

We bring you back into the depths of your soul, the vast ocean of personal power and potential beneath the thin surface where reality is much richer and rewarding than the external world can ever give you. This opens the path to the deeper self. You can live and enjoy your full and complete soul and being, in the midst of the modern world. 

Our mission is to bring you back home.



You have a deep knowing you can do better in life and are unsure how to get there. Stuck in a pattern of self destructive behaviour. You have physical or emotional pain that is unrelenting. You feel confused; having sought out help from many different practitioners but feel no real relief. You may even start to think you are crazy because all the tests come back normal. How can I get out of this situation?


You have a deep knowing sense that something is not right. Sometimes it may feel easier to blame something else or numb or armour the feeling away (which do not have lasting effects). You feel disconnected from your true self. You feel like there is an invisible barrier between you and others in your life. 

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