I'm Dr. Tracy Debi


and I’m the founder of Atelier I’x. My career started out as a Chiropractic Physician treating patients all over North America from British Columbia to Florida. I believe we all come to Earth with a purpose in our souls. However, when we take  form on Earth we forget. Life designed to help us remember who  we are and what our purpose is on Earth. We chose to be here now!​ Being an energy worker/healer and connecting the mind, body and soul is my calling. I have heard the call for a very long time and I am now listening with my heart. I have witnessed with a front seat view suffering in my patients and experienced the same fate myself. Early on in my career I faced burnout, chronic fatigue syndrome and persistent lower back pain. I was also depressed and suicidal. Believe it or not, I would not trade these experiences for the world. Looking back at these experiences, they were just signs for me to recognize that I was not listening to my soul’s true purpose. It sent me on a quest to find myself once again.

It led me down a path I could have never imagined for myself - I reconnected with my spirituality in new ways and began to study the mind with some of the best in the world -  I became a Consultant working alongside Bob Proctor at the Proctor Gallagher Institute. I started to combine this knowledge and experience with my training as a Chiropractor and the results for my clients were nothing short of amazing. Instead of telling me how their physical symptoms were improving, we were having conversations about the transformations that were happening in their life! It was at this point I knew this unique combination of information needed to be in the hands of more people in the world. I am uniquely positioned to speak to the challenges people face in their everyday lives from multiple angles and help them connect the dots like I did for myself, and have helped others to do the same. I believe in increasing awareness about the whole human experience and how that literally shapes the reality you are living on Earth.

My hope is that every person awakens to their calling from their soul

and listens to its guidance to fulfill their own unique mission in the world.


Dr. Tracy is a Registered Chiropractor (Inactive) and Board Certified in Both Canada and the United States. Her practice experience spans North America from British Columbia to Florida and includes experiences interning at the Miami Veteran’s Hospital and being the lead Chiropractor at various multidisciplinary clinics. She has received degrees from University of Waterloo (BSc Kinesiology) and New York Chiropractic College (Doctor of Chiropractic).